Did Mulbah Morlu really meet obama?

Did Mulbah Morlu really meet obama?

Written by Alfred Jah Johnson

Tuesday, 12 January 2010

Mulbah Morlu clears the Air on radiolib.com: Did he really meet obama?

I can tell you for sure, I met President Obama on Saturday in Accra Ghana, the purpose for which we flew to that country. People who are saying that we did not meet Obama are ashamed because you can remember sometime ago Madam Sirleaf left this country and stayed over a month in America lobbying to see Obama but to no avail.

They are ashamed that a little advocate like me was able to meet Obama”, -Mulbah Morlu (All Africa)

“The United States Embassy in Monrovia categorically denies that Mulbah Morlu met with President Barack Obama in Ghana. There was no such meeting or conversation between the two men, as Mr. Morlu has claimed,” -The U.S Embassy in Liberia (All Africa).

“What can I say, I am very disappointed. Morlu really disappointed a lot of people who believed in him. Why, Morlu, Why? You just executed your cause,” – Acarious Gray (All Africa)

“We will take further action against Morlu when this information is confirmed because his act is criminal,”- Boakai Jaliebah, (All Africa).

The above, are few of the many claims, counter claims, outrage and disappointments expressed by affected parties when Mr. Mulbah Morlu, former chairman of the Forum for the Establishment of War Crimes Court, claimed to have met Pres. Barack Obama for six (6) minutes on his (Obama’s) visit to the West African Nation of Ghana. According to Morlu, He and the U.S President discussed their desire to “see the United States press the Liberian government to take a strong stance on corruption and ensure that people on travel ban are given due process” (All Africa).

Since this so-called meeting, Mr. Morlu has come under unwavering public criticism for apparently lying to the Liberian People and defeating his group’s struggle. This controversy also led to his suspension as Chairman of the Forum for the Establishment of War Crimes Court. According to allfrica.com, the Secretary General of the advocacy group Mr. Boakai Jaliebah said that due to Mr. Morlu’s “criminal behavior” the executive branch decided to suspend him (Morlu) pending further investigation and verification.

Despite all of these, Mr. Morlu continues to remain resolute with his claim that he met the U.S President; stating, “All I’ve ever provided you are the facts. If somebody in the embassy tries to counteract facts to cover up the truth, we’ll take the debate from there and fight on the truth. I wouldn’t and shall never stand down” (All Africa).

In an attempt to uncover the truth to this entire controversy and everything surrounding Mr. Morlu, including the state of his advocacy, his credibility, and consistent attack on the President of the Republic of Liberia Madam Ellen Johnson Sirleaf amongst others, the Liberian Enlightenment Forum (LEF), a sub branch of the Liberian Students Associations in America (LIBSAA), extended an invitation to Mr. Morlu (which he accepted) to come on the forum and clear the air relative to those controversies surrounding him.

Date: Sunday, January 17, 2009

Time: 9:30 P.M. E. T (2:30 A.M. Monday morning in Liberia).

Host: Alfred J. Johnson

Place: http://www.radiolib.com , Liberia’s #1 online radio station

Due to the sensitive nature of the pending discussion and our desire to have a disturbance free discussion, we are not publishing the call-in # and access code. However, interested individuals can listen to this discussion via internet @ http://www.radiolib.com on the scheduled day and time. You can also register free and post your comments and questions in the chat box. You can even email (highly recommend) them to Lib_forum@yahoo.com and we will be glad to post them to Mr. Morlu.

We are also selecting a few of our many callers and individuals who have followed the Morlu’s controversy to respectfully engage him or express their support for him. In view of said, you can email us your information on the listed email address or call at 570 216 4391; if no one answers, please leave your information in a brief message.


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