It is with great optimism and hope that we make this clarion call to all Liberians and friends of Liberia. For more than 20 years Liberia has been ravaged by war and excessive corruption. Those who were not able to escape the atrocities of this period are still subject to an inadequate governmental system that does not cater to the citizenry. Greed for power is now paramount while children and women still suffer at the hands of those sworn to protect them. Poverty, ignorance and disease in the aftermath of the war have prevented the country from progressing!!! The infrastructure is gone; electrical power, clean drinking water, food production, security, education and the opportunity to earn a decent income are all memories of a distant past. The medical needs are astronomical.

How we got here is not important at this moment. Rather, how to move forward must become the focus of our efforts. If this nation is to survive, Liberians must put aside our petty politics as well as factional and tribal loyalties and realize we are One People with a common destiny.

That is why we are reaching out to all Liberians and friends of Liberia asking that you please contribute your knowledge and expertise to the drafting of a Master Plan for effective nation building. We want the best ideas to develop Liberia and empower its citizens! This call to action is for doctors, farmers, teachers, lawyers, women, the youth, elders, students, the religious community, laborers as well as the educated and uneducated alike who must have a say in producing the road map for total national recovery.

We are embarking upon reconstruction committed to CHANGING old habits. Only pride and arrogance would cause any individual, group or party to believe they alone have the best remedy for Liberia’s ills. It’s high time we disabuse ourselves of such destructive thinking and practices.

In the spirit of unity, we welcome and implore every Liberian to join us in formulating the Strategic Recovery Plan that TQ Harris will follow in shaping the New Liberia. Now you can become part of the Solution and make your voice heard.

Let us put our hands and minds together and create the perfect map that will guide not only TQ Harris administration, but future leaders as well. Time is of the essence! Please submit your ideas or provide your contact information if you would like to work on a specific aspect of the Plan. We value your contribution!

Thank you!


Phone: 562.256.4271


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