Liberia’s TRC Report Boxed Again!!

TRC Report Boxed Again


President Sirleaf at the TRC

The controversial TRC Report recommending punishments for serious perpetrators of war crimes and bans for those deemed as backing the war, has been thrown into another web for scrutiny.

This time, according to the President Ellen Johnson-Sirleaf in an interview given in the United States, a Geneva-based organization, Centre for Humanitarian Dialogue, will read the report and come up with a road map on its implementation.

Reacting to the new move, TRC Commissioner Ms. Massa Washington told this paper in an interview that this symbolizes ‘a lost opportunity for the President.’ She said the latest move should take into account huge sums of money that donors pumped into the TRC process, along with taxpayers’ money and time spent. She said after moves ‘to descredit the report at home ‘have failed’, the President is now falling on international groups ‘favourable to her. ‘Why should she take her country’s report to another country?’ She asked.

But Commissioner Washington acknowledged flaws in the report, adding that these flaws are insufficient ‘to undermine the report. She said the President should sit down with others at home, not depend on international groups, to find the best way out because the Report, she added, is greater than any one individual.’

Pres. Sirleaf: “…We are working with a Geneva-based organization, Centre for Humanitarian Dialogue, who’s been holding meetings with representatives of our civil society organizations, to read the report [and] come up with a road map on its implementation. We’re trying to organize a group in Monrovia to do the same thing…”

Many observers believe that this is just one in a series of attempt to box-in the TRC Report for the sole purpose of not implementing the document.

But the President insist that “…Anyone who says that the report is being trashed or is being thrown away is absolutely wrong. We want to implement in a timely and appropriate way and ensure that whatever we do, Liberia’s peace must be maintained to enable us to carry out the development agenda that is unifying and healing the nation.”


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