Report: Legislator Digs In County Funds; Firm Fails To Implement Project

07/30/2010 – Moses Varfee Kowo

Source: FrontPage Africa

Monrovia –

Ballah Zayzay, Representative of Margibi
New reports available to FrontPageAfrica show that some members of the Legislature are deeply involved with the administration of County Development Fund and in some instances organize their own corporate institutions with the hope of taking over a project in the county for implementation.

Reports say a Representative of Margibi County, Ballah Zayzay, has been found to have established his own Company, the Ballah Zayzay Construction Company, to implement a project on behalf of the County but failed to go ahead with the implementation of these projects in his home County.

Ballah Zayzay, Representative of Margibi County

There are reports that Representative Zayzay, a member of the County Legislative Caucus, failed to implement the project given to his company and also did not follow the Public Procurement and Concession Commission mandate.

Zayzay of district # 4 is said to have received more than US$50,000 to implement a project in Zauwein Town, Margibi County but failed to do so and the project was still standing incomplete as of May this year.

Also, according to an official of Margibi County, the Margibi County Lawmaker also appear to be caught in the audit report of the General Auditing Commission of Liberia and that entity might be recommending strong punishment for Representative Zayzay if he fails to provide expenditure and other supporting documentation in support of current audit examination.

According to the senior official of Margibi County, the audit might be asking the Ministry of Justice to take stronger actions against the Representative Ballah Zayzay for conflict of interest by using his position as a lawmaker to secure a contract from the county development fund in which he is part of those who are carrying out over sight of the project.

The lawmaker is said to have violated section 31(c) of the act creating the country public procurement commission enacted by the Legislature in 2005.

There are also reports that the Superintendent is being held responsible for violating sections of the PPCC act and the 2007/2008 budget law and the Ministry of Internal Affairs in awarding Liberia land contract to a company. Though the superintendent had said he will desist from awarding contracts to members of the Legislature.

Since the County Development Fund came into effect more than four years ago, the government of Liberia has spent close to US$15,000,000 to support locally driven projects in various counties in the country; but the government has largely not been able to attain the necessary force to ensure that those projects are implemented in these counties with persistent haul and poll between the county authorities and their lawmakers.

The Montserrado County Legislative caucus is currently calling on the General Auditing Commission to audit the former Superintendent of the County for allegedly using the County Development Fund.

No one County has got a successful implementation of the County Development Projects.

More than year ago the Superintendent of Bong Count y Rennie Jackson went back to his post after he agreed to restitute about US$10,000 following reports that the funds had been misappropriated.


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