UBCAA Reacts To News Of Alleged Beating Of A Liberian Police Officer By Bong County Rep. Tokpa Mulbah

Source: Liberian Forum

The National Administration of the United Bong County Association in the Americas (UBCAA) expresses with grave concerns recent reports implicating Bong county Representative and Deputy Speaker of the House of Representatives of Liberia Hon Tokpa Mulbah for his alleged flogging of a member of the Liberian National Police.

While UBCAA is not here to indict the Deputy Speaker, as it has been reported that investigation into the matter is underway, it believes the good name of Bong County and its people are at stake as such news has the propensity to destroy and tarnish the good reputation of every Bong County citizens since Hon. Tokpa Mulbah represents County.

In the “new” Liberia, no one should be above the law no matter his/her status in government or in the Liberian society. Accordingly, UBCAA hopes that the news of Hon. Tokpa Mulbah’s involvement in this ugly public spectacle is not true, as it undermines the very democratic principles upon which he was elected; representing and providing services to the people of Bong County in particular and Liberia in general as Deputy Speaker of the House of Representative. UBCAA believes anything less than the complete adherence to the Laws of Liberia by every citizen is tantamount to a return to the old order when those in political positions considered themselves supreme above all else. Such acts must be discouraged and perpetrators brought to justice to face the full weight of the Laws of Liberia without favor.

As Liberia strives to move closer to total peace and stability, any act inimical to achieving our goal of becoming a peaceful nation will be resisted. Therefore, the UBCAA wants to emphatically state that it supports a thorough investigation in this matter involving Rep. Tokpa Mulbah and the police officer, as the result would not only set the stage for the promotion of justice, but serves as deterrence for all.

National President



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