Immigration declares support for dual citizenship

Written by Charles Gbollie

Source: Star Radio Liberia

The Bureau of Immigration and Naturalization has given its official position on the contentious Dual Citizenship Bill at the Legislature.

BIN Commissioner, Chris Massaquoi told reporters the entity is in full support of the proposed dual citizenship Act.

According to Commissioner Massaquoi, the proposed Act to amend the Nationality Law of Liberia has no negative implications on the security of the country.

He however argued the dual citizenship Act has several benefits for the country and its people.

Commissioner Massaquoi named some of the benefits as economic and naturalized Liberians having the opportunity to form a part of Liberia’s recovery process.

On the question of extradition treaty of any Liberian with dual citizenship, Commissioner Massaquoi said it would be based on collaboration.

The BIN Boss called on Liberians to give their fullest support to the Act which according to him is in the interest of the country.

His statement comes days after Deputy Immigration Bureau Commissioner for Operations Robert Budy personally oppossed the bill and expressed three concerns from the BIN perspective.

Col. Budy said the bill would not augur well for Liberia security wise.

He said the Immigration Bureau is concerned about the extradition, deportation and loyalty of a dual citizenship holder caught commtting a transatleantic crime including drug trafficking.


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