President Ellen Johnson-Sirleaf Rules Out Victims’ War Reparation


Some aspects of the controversial Truth and Reconciliation Commission (TRC) report should be sent to a committee of experts under the Ministry of Education, while reparations for victims have been ruled out, and those for communities and institutions proposed.

President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf, in a letter to the Legislature reporting the document, said the TRC report, with its historical dimensions, should be taught in classrooms. President Sirleaf calls for “formulating a road map to guide the’ process of implementing the report given the quantity and complexity of the recommendations at hand.”

But she ruled out recommended war reparations for victims due to what she said would the enormous economic implications, proposing that reparations money should go to communities and institutions such as mosques and churches that were destroyed during the war, noting that even this c could take huge financial resources. President Sirleaf:

As regards the recommendations on Reparation, the Task Force points out that every Liberian was in one way or the other affected by the civil war and by that conclusion every individual deserves or could claim reparation. However, it would be virtually impossible to provide reparations for individuals, given the prohibitive cost implication.

We therefore propose that consideration be given to community type, reparation, within institutions and public facilities (such as hospitals, schools; churches, mosques, etc.) that were destroyed during the years of conflict. Pleas, note that this approach would· imply, even under conditions of restraint, significant public resources…”

She said: “Historicity and memoralization relate the 18 recommendations that aim at building a new political culture of tolerance, integrity, accountability and respect for the human rights of all persons, including those in opposition, in a pluralistic society that respects the rule of law; promotes equal opportunity for all with special attention to the rights of women, children and the physically challenged.”


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