Ghana rights group condemns Cuban Pathologist report

Written by Bruce Boweh
Source: Star Radio Liberia

The Human Rights Court of Ghana has declared as reckless, the autopsy report that formed the basis of the death sentence against Hans and Mardea Williams.

The Williams family broke the news Tuesday at the convicted couple’s Old Road residence in Monrovia.

Barsee Williams, the family’s spokesman, said the human rights court in Accra ordered that the Cuban Pathologist’s autopsy report be rejected as baseless.

The court’s alleged ruling, the family gave journalists, also described the autopsy report as a miscarriage of justice to Mr. and Mrs. Williams.

The decision was based on the fact that Dr. Josepha Hernandez failed to examine vital organs before determining the death of Little Angel Tokpah.

The family filed the suit against the Cuban Pathologists in Accra after Criminal Court B sentenced the couple to death by hanging in March 2010.

It is not clear whether the Accra Court’s ruling will affect Criminal Court B’s decision, which is currently on appeal at the Supreme Court.

Meanwhile, the family said it has filed a 50-million US Dollars damages suit against Dr. Hernandez.


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