Barnes Not Clear Why He Was Recalled

H. McCarey Marshall

Ambassador Barnes

When recalled Liberia’s Ambassador to the United States of America arrived home, those who followed developments regarding the manner in which the President took the decision briefed a sigh of relief that they would have gotten the true story and clarity that did not happened as the recalled Ambassador sounded on unclear on why the president humiliated him.
Addressing himself to the issue of his recalling by the president at a press conference held Wednesday, September1,2010, he heaped praises on President Sirleaf, indicating that he appreciated her gesture for allowing him served in her government in spite of the fact that he is an opposition figure.
For whatever reasons, Barnes noted, his recall has what he called “no bleak motives” as the president acted constitutionally upon her will and pleasure to appoint as well as dismiss whoever she wants to dismiss in her government.
But when he was recalled, news sprout that he violated the intend and purpose and protocols of his assignment as Ambassador of Liberia, a direct eye of the president in the country of assignment, by indulging into acts related to political campaigning during a July 26 party he held for Liberians residing in the US.
Without saying that that was the reasons behind his recall, Mr. Barnes, a former Presidential contender on the ticket of the Liberia Destiny Party, a party he formed and is funding, consented that indeed he had a party on July 26, 2010, but that it was far from what is being circulated in the media.
According to him, the party he had with Liberians and staffers of the Liberian Embassy in the US was not politically motivated, rather what he called was “a routine event carried out by the Embassy to celebrate the independence of the country.”
As if he has conceded to why he was recalled, the apparent former Ambassador, chose to play the political game of pledging support to whomever is named to succeed him as Liberia’s Ambassador to the United States, a very lucrative position that carries along with it great deal of respect.
He sounded rather too radical observers said when he said “I supposed that President Sirleaf choice of an ambassador is a person with ill- political links”, something he said he cannot compromise his political ambition for.
According to him, he has already negotiated with President Sirleaf to bring his family back to the country as soon as possible, something which he said was a demonstration of his love and commitment to serve his native land.
On the issue of his ambition for the presidency, Barnes said “I am presently making all necessary preparations to take the seat of the presidency come 2011 should I be re-elected as stander-bearer of my party during the convention which is expected soon”.
Meanwhile, Barnes said an audit of the Embassy in Washington has been approved and that the General Auditing Commission (GAC) is expected to begin the exercise next month.
Upon his recall, Presidential Press Secretary Cyrus Badio said Mr. Barnes could be reassigned, dismissed, or retained, but according to Mr. Barnes, he is presently nowhere as it relates to his positions.


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    Barnes Not Clear Why He Was Recalled | Focus on liberia

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