U.S.-Based Liberian Laments Poor Education Conditions

Winston W. Parley
Source: allafrica.com

A Liberian based in the United States, Mrs. Rosaline Kingston Bonsi, has expressed a pathetic condition surrounding the learning environment of Liberian students and has called partnership with already existing schools and orphanage homes to help them grow into more sustainable lives.

Madam Bonsi, upon her arrival at the Robert International Air Port (RIA) on Friday (August 27th) said Liberian schools need better facilities and good learning environment.
“I have visited so many schools and orphanage homes during my first visit here; the kids carry their own benches to school, and some split cement blocks into half to sit on,” she said.
Mrs. Bonsi said while in the United States, she had founded an organization in New York called the Century Dance Complex (CDC), which according to her provides both academic activities, and cultural dance for refugee and some under-privileged children in her community.
She also told reporters that the organization gets its support from the IRC, YMCA, The New York Foundation, The Union Square among other organizations.
“Currently, we are working with 65 children. Over the past years at least we’ve worked with 250 children. 65% are Liberian children”, she said.
She is the founder of the Green Light Entertainment and an organization called Voice of the Voiceless in Liberia.
According to her, the Voice of the Voiceless will collaborate with already existing schools and orphanage homes for upgrading.
The Liberian Philanthropist stressed the need for improvement in the Liberian education sector.
She added that quality education will strengthen and prepare Liberian youth for the challenges ahead.
She said the lack of necessary materials and advanced facilities including laboratory are some of the serious problems most Liberian schools are faced with.


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