Oil Find Here a Joke – Sen. Pro Temp Wortorson

Written by Boimah J. V. Boimah

Source: allAfrica.com

The celebratory glee over the discovery of oil off the shore of Liberia has received a dent from one of Liberia’s geologists and once Minister of Lands and Mines, now President Pro Tempore of the Senate Cletus Wortorson.
“Anybody who comes and tell you there is oil here, is a liar,” Sen. Wortorson, a geophysicist by training and former minister of Land and Mines, told reporters Thursday.
There have been claims in several quarters that oil exist in the country with the House endorsing a concession agreement with Chevron company to explore deep water oil.
But the Senator said the only mineral that is quantified here is iron ore adding that there is only a potential for oil.
“There is only a high potential for oil based on the [features] that we have, the potential is very high more than 50%, but as a geophysics I can’t say that there is oil,” he said.
With the Senate poise to concurred with the House in endorsing the Chevron concession, Pro-tempore Wortorson however noted that one can only expect oil in the country when expert starts to drill.

Second thought

Many Liberians are saying this whole idea of “there is no oil in Liberia” is a stealing trick designed by the Liberian government.

Many believe that with the presence of multiple oil companies in Liberia over the years now, such idea is used by higher ups officials in government to enriched themselves since they are intentionally happy with the fact that there is no proper monitoring mechanism or system in place for the Liberian people to know whether oil is present or not.
Maybe by the time Cletus Wortorson announces the presence of oil in Liberia, he might not have to worry about putting enough money into his bank account at all Bernard Gbayee Goah


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