Hearing over Putu agreement ends in disagreement

Written by Julius Kanubah

Source: Star Radio Liberia

Disagreement has erupted over the Putu Iron Ore Mineral Development agreement currently under review at the Legislature.

The disagreement followed protest by the Grand Gedeh legislative caucus over the 1.6 billion US dollars agreement.

Under the agreement, the Putu Iron Ore Mining Incorporated is to operate in Grand Gedeh and other Southeastern Counties, if ratified.

However, the Grand Gedeh Caucus led by Senator Isaac Nyenabo said time was still needed to review the Putu Iron ore agreement.

Senator Nyenabo stressed citizens of Grand Gedeh are yet to understand the social benefit components of the agreement submitted for ratification on September 2.

He said, the citizens made their concerns known through the Grand Gedeh County Technical Committee for the Putu Mineral Development Agreement.

During the hearing, confusion erupted after Grand Gedeh Representative Kai Farley shouted for over five minutes in protest to the agreement.

The Chairman of the joint Legislative committee Richard Devine termed the action of lawmaker Farley as unbecoming and immediately banned him from talking.

Earlier, government negotiators including representatives of the Ministries of Lands, Mines and Energy, Justice and Finance supported the Putu agreement.


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