Land Commission to Host First National Urban Conference on Land in Liberia

Land Commission, Liberia
Source: FrontPage Africa

Monrovia –

The Land Commission is organizing a National Urban Conference in October 2010 which should provide an inclusive forum for discussion of urban land issues in Liberia.

The Land Commission attaches great importance to the Urban Conference realizing that many communities and individuals living in urban and peri-urban areas lack tenure security.

Reforms are needed to ensure effective use, development and management of urban lands, and to provide equal access to land and protection of citizens’ property rights.

In preparation for the Conference the Land Commission has been holding consultative meetings with a wide range of land actors and stakeholders and has engaged them in the planning process. Many key actors in the urban land sector have shown their strong willingness to engage in this dialogue.

Participants will include among others: the Ministries of Lands, Mines and Energy, Agriculture, Public Works, Labor, Gender and Development; municipal authorities such as Monrovia City Corporation (MCC); civil society organizations such as Slum Dwellers Association; the Norwegian Refugee Council (NRC) and other partners such as UN-HABITAT, UNICEF, UNMIL, German Agro Action, the European Union (EU), the Italian Cooperation, private sector representatives, universities and donor agencies.

A number of city mayors have been invited to participate in this conference including Liberian and West African City Mayors.

During the conference, which will last three days, participants will discuss a wide range of issues including: experiences from Liberian and West African City Mayors; urbanization and urban land management; security of tenure in urban areas and access for the poor; sustainable urban growth, and public private partnerships.

The Land Commission is calling on the collaborating partners to accept the challenges in the land sector and work together to develop an agenda on how to address those various areas of concern.

During the conference participants will formulate recommendations for the way forward which will be used by the Land Commission to devise an urban land policy.

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