Introduction 1.0

Geography, Population, History , Culture, Resources (human and material) as well as current global trends are factors taken into account in formulating TQ Harris Vision for Liberia. While its population and physical size may not be conducive for certain pursuits; Liberia’s history, geography, population and vast resources are tremendous assets for specific concentrations, which is extremely helpful when formulating a national agenda.

TQ Harris envisages a New Liberia that is strongest particularly in two promising areas: 1. International Finance; and 2. Green Technology. Liberia has the potential of becoming a major Financial Center and also an active Laboratory for Green Technologies. This vision, obviously, is a projection looking 20 to 30 years into the future. However, when elected President; TQ Harris on day one shall steer the nation toward making this dream a reality.

His Vision is based on the belief that Africa is the last frontier for major wealth creation in the 21st Century, primarily due to an abundance of natural resources and its dismal state of development. Therefore, it is safe to assume Trillions of Dollars will flow in, out and across Africa in the not too distant future. Managing these assets will for the most part be done here on the Continent.

Investment in infrastructure and human development across Africa within the next 20 to 25 years is likely to reach an unprecedented level. Spending across the board in a single month might cause the crash of a supercomputer if not cooled properly. That means the volume of financial activities necessary to sustain what is likely to be a sudden, astronomical economic volcano will invariably create opportunities for those that are equipped and ready to meet the demand. We intend to position Liberia such that it becomes the prime location for managing and overseeing the massive volume of capital which no doubt will forever change the face of Africa. To this end, we shall begin building the infrastructure and developing the human resources that will make Liberia the preferred location for major financial institutions – Banks, Insurance companies, Investment companies, Holdings companies, etc.. The journey to become a major International Financial Center begins in 2011!

The second leg of TQ Harris Vision is another transformation for Liberia. This involves making the country an active laboratory for Green technologies. Since the entire country has to be rebuilt; why not start by laying an environmentally friendly foundation? The vision is based upon the premise that renewable energy shall play a vital role in shaping the future. The goal, therefore, shall be to make Liberia a functional environmentally friendly model that others could emulate. To this end, the New Liberia shall be designed and built around energy conservation and environmental preservation. We shall take steps immediately to protect the awesome rain forest – a national treasure that is still intact – so it may contribute to human advancement and enjoyed by future generations. Meanwhile, environmental consciousness shall become a way of life for Liberians. With proper planning Liberia in the not too distant future shall host major research projects and may even become a prime destination for tourists.

Lastly, Meritocracy shall be the standard for advancement in the New Liberia. Also, the rights of the individual, including freedom of worship shall be protected under the law.


2.1 Security
2.2 Corruption In Government
2.3 Special Court
2.4 Legal System (Phase I)
2.5 War Victims
2.6 Healing and Reconciliation

3.1 Food Production
3.2 National Health Care (Phase I)
3.3 Education

(Phase I)

4.1 Job Creation
4.2 Public Transportation
4.3 Liberians In The Diaspora
4.4 Financing The Vision

5.1 Political Sub-division
5.2 Government Overhaul
5.3 The Constitution
5.4 National Symbols
5.5 New Political Capital

6.1 National Electrical Grid
6.2 Road Construction
6.3 Water and Sewer System
6.4 Air and Sea Ports (Phase I)

The complete Long-term agenda for systematically creating the New Liberia within a period of 25 years is contained in the document entitled: Liberia Strategic Recovery Plan.

The Author: T. Q. Harris, Jr. is a member of the Free Democratic Party (of Liberia) who is expected to be a Presidential candidate in the 2011 Election. Mr. Harris in 1997 was the Vice Presidential nominee of his Party. He is currently the Chairman of Liberian Contempt UPS. To get more information: http://www.tqharrisforpresident.com; http://www.friendsoftq.org; liberia1@charter.net; and Phone: (562) 256-4271 Liberia: 231 6 538827

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