Source: The Liberian Dialogue

Because the following persons and individuals listed and named have committed some from of heinous crimes in the Liberia, members of the international community are asked to please refuse them entry and remove them from your coast if they are found to be residing there.

Thanks for supporting and upholding the rule of law and human rights.

1. Ellen Johnson-Sirleaf, President of the Republic Liberia
2. Randall Cooper
3. Ethelbert Cooper
4. Toga Mclntosh Gaywea
5. Jackson E. Doe
6. Dew Mason
7. Nyan Menten
8. Clarence Simpson
9. Byron Tarr
10. D. Bob Taylor
11. Harry Yuan
13. Isaac Nyenabo
14. Kabineh J’aneh, Associate Justice of the Supreme Court of Liberia
15. Archie Williams
16. Tonia King
17. J. Appollo Swen
18. Joe Gbala
19. Thomas Ziah
20. Maxwell Karba
21. Ignatius Clay
22. Vamba Kanneh
23. Valee Keita
24. Paul Mulbah
25. El Mohammed Sheriff
26. Kwame Fofana
27. Alieu Kosia
28. Albert S. Toe
29. Weade Kobbah Wureh
30. Octavious Walker
31. Lavala Supuwood
32. Tom Woewiyu
33. Tarnue Marwolo, Deputy Minister of Financial for Administration
34. James Chelly
35. Amos Lincoln
36. Noah Bororddolo
37. Edward Slangar
38. Tigae Wontee
39. Mohammed Joumande
40. Prince Sio
41. Abbas Kenneh
42. Morris Dolley
43. Aisha Konneh
44. Alhaji Sekou Fofana
45. Charles Bennie
46. Morris Jarbo
47. K.B.K. Sando
48. Kai Farlely
49. Joe Tuah
50. Grace Minor

For committing the most war crimes and crimes against humanity during the armed conflict in Liberia, the Truth and Reconciliation Commission has determined and designated the following persons as most notorious war criminals. Individuals so determined and designated are:

Prince Y. Johnson, Senator of Liberia
Moses Blah, Former Vice and President of Liberia
William Sumo
Mehnsayon Sayon
John Gbeto
Paulson Garteh
Augustine Zar
Joseph Kpeyon
Mateus Paily
Gen. Lawrence Guanuu
Jonathan Banney, Senator of Liberia
Albret Sumeh
Gen. Sampson
Christopher Vambo
Col. Joloka
Prince Nagbe
Pat Ran Kennedy
Abel S. Gbalah
Gen. Nally
Macdonald Tarpeh
Anthony Ponnie
Alfred Payne
Gen. Greene
Chris Davis
Col. Boy Tarley
John Guain
Michael Davis alias Sundaygar Dear-boy
CoCo Dennis
Peter Giah
Carsacar Group (NPFL) Joseph
Blood Sucker War Boss
Nuku Johnson
Red Devil
Mohammed Bar
(LPC) Superman
J.Y. NPFL delta force
Chinese Jabber Philip Kamlongar
LPC Debbah
(NPFL Marine) Fasue Gonkamue
Gen. Freeman
Sundaygar, Young Killer, Skinny
NPFL Mathew gio
NPFl Gen Gondah (Roland Ballout)
Citizen of Duo (single barrel) NPFL Unit
(NPFL) Mekamu Goweh, Saye Baoyou
(LPC) George pee Solo Garsnoo
Saah R. Gbollie, Representative of Liberia
Richard Flomo, Counsellor of the Liberian National Bar Association Jerry Riks
John Garan (Junior Garan)
Gen. Steven Wontoe
Gen Joe Tuah
David Daniel
Martina Johnson
Junior Mitchell
Gen. Fasue
George Dweh, Former Speaker of Liberia
Gen. Charles Julu
Augustine Nagbe, Gen. Gun Power
Marcus High Gray
J. Appollo Swen
Sando Johnson, Former Representative of Liberia
Joseph Marzah Alian Zigzag Marzarh
Kai Farley
Amos Barclay
Larry Murphy
Mike Tyson
Gen. Ofori Diah, alias Iron Jacket
George Warpo
Col. Zero-Zero
Peter Dahn
Co Kortor
Tommy B. Wongba
Peter Pewee, alias Gen. Katali
Gen. Erickson Bardio
Benjamin Yeatan, Former Director Special Security Service (SSS)
Roland Duo
Felix Washington
Moses Tailey
Co David
Siafa Norman
Sekou Donzo
Adolphus Dolo, Senator of Liberia
Mango Menlor
Melvin Sogbandi
Mark Guahn
Moses Thomas
Maj. Jerry Gban
Waheeb Saab
Maj. Harry Johnson
Zico Nah Darliah
Lieutenant Andrew Gaye
Arthur Nyenabo

Published this 15th day of July, A.D. 2009, by the Authority of the Association of Liberian Lawyers in the Americas Inc. {ALLA}.

Culled from Liberian
Source: http://Liberian


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