Professor Alhaji Kromah to contest 2011 presidential poll in Liberia


Alhaji Kromah, former Chairman of ULIMO-K.

Kromah is a Muslim. He is a member of the Mandingo ethnic group and a former member of the Council of State of the past transitional government in Liberia.
Kromah served as Special Assistant to the Vice President during the Tolbert era, he rose to become managing director of the Liberian Broadcasting System and Minister of Information under President Samuel K Doe.
Kromah went into exile in June 1990 following the NPFL rebellion against President Doe. It is believed that Kromah carried out most of his war preparation tactics in Conakry, Guinea.

Upon the emergence of ULIMO-K, his power base focused in the north-west of the country, in and around Lofa County. While harboring in the past a deep personal animosity for Charles Taylor, the two leaders were very closed in Council of State maneuverings which resulted in a joint warfare with Charles Taylor NPFL against Roosevelt Johnson ULIMO- J and George Boley LPC.

It is alleged that Kromah’s ULIMO-K committed unimaginable atrocities against women and children in Monrovia during the April 6 1996 war as well as jungle wars in the north of Liberia.
Kromah is a former rebel leader of the ULIMO-K faction, and current professor at the University of Liberia.

Source: Sousle


University of Liberia Professor Alhaji Kromah who came third runner-up in the 10 November Montserrado county senatorial by-election says his performance has motivated him to contest the 2011 presidential poll, APA learns here Wednesday.

Media reports Wednesday quoted Professor Kromah, former leader of the rebel ULIMO-K who contested the 1997 and 2005 presidential elections on the ticket of his All Liberian Coalition Party (ALCOP), as saying that the result shows people still believe in him.

Professor Kromah, who gained 7.2% of the total votes cast in the 10 November by-election, said he contested the by-election as an independent candidate to see how people accepted him as an individual.

Kromah described the by-election as a prelude to the 2011 electoral process and said he’s motivated to run as a presidential candidate again.

The United Liberation Movement of Liberia for Democracy- Kromah faction (ULIMO-K) was active during the civil war.


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