VARNEY SHERMAN A “POLITICAL BAT”: INPFL Former Field Marshal Prince Y. Johnson Declares on Liberia Return

– Steve Jarvis, FPA STAFF WRITER
Source: FrontPage Africa

Monrovia –

INPFL Former Field Marshal/CIC
(“COMBAT READY” Prince Y. Johnson)
now Senator

The presidential aspirant of the National Union for Democratic Progress (NULP), Sen. Prince Yormie Jonson says when it comes to politics, Cllr. Varney Sherman is not a man of his calibre, “he is a political bat”.

Aspirant Johnson who is also senior senator of Nimba County, pointed out, “I love Cllr. Sherman because he married a woman from Nimba, but, politically, he doesn’t know what he wants, he is a failure and I am a success”.

Sen. Johnson recalled that during the run-off process of the 2005 elections which witnessed a tense political battle between the Unity Party and the Congress For Democratic Change, he and Cllr. Sherman declared their support for George Weah’s CDC, adding, “I am surprised today that Varney has gone the other way but, we are still going to defeat him”.

NEC’S Fromayan

Sen. Johnson used the occasion to heap praises on the Chairman of the Elections Commission James Fromayan for working assiduously to certificate his NUDP party as a full fledged political party while he was away.

He indicated “we have denounced armed struggle to go through the criteria of organizing a political party, so if you deny my party, then you are against change’.

He noted: “I want to thank the Commissioners and the Board of Commissioners because, they did not allow outside influence to dictate their course”.

Said Sen. Johnson, “I went to the Elections Commission and said thank you, thank you because, you did not condone external influence to have effect on you and we also say thank you because we believe and have explicit confidence in you”.

George Weah’s CDC

Speaking further, the NUDP standard bearer intoned that Weah’s CDC was hijacked and denied the elections victory in 2005, “we must reject undemocratic system, this is why we are calling on government to ensure free and fair elections in the country”.

Said he: the 2005 elections was rigged and taken from Oppong, but for us we will prefer going to court”, adding, “ you defeated Oppong and he left, so are going to defeat you too and you will leave too”.

Ellen’s Unity Party

Speaking of Ellen, Sen.Johnson noted that he loves Pres. Ellen Johnson-Sirleaf so dearly and has a lot of respect for her but advised her to honorably resign and leave power, having asked the Liberian people to rule for a single term.

He continued: she supported the revolution against the late Pres. Doe and she played meaningful roles in the 1985 abortive Quiwonkpa invasion, noting, “I knew that she was a strong woman that could lead this nation, while I served as Chief of Operation of Defense Intelligence at the time, this is why we informed her about every plot on her life”.

He urged the people of Grand Gedeh County to forget about their differences and unite, saying, we were ‘youlee’ before and will still continue to be called ‘youlee’, so “don’t follow this UP led government that is already on its way out”.

Sen. Johnson emphasized that his NUDP party was going to defeat the UP led government, “let us go to the battlefield, this is surely going to be David and Goliath

He said he is not perturbed by the multitude of vehicles the Unity Party parades, “but even if we have only a single pick-up, we are still going to defeat them, adding, they borrowed money from their children from overseas, this is why they have given them all of the companies to operate as a means of paying back, we don’t want to take money from people then when we win we become compelled to take the Liberian people money and give it away as pay back”.

Commenting further, the NUDP Leader pointed out that the Unity Party administration has not done much to develop the country. He indicated that at 163 years, the nation is endowed with natural resources, but yet still have bad roads. “As I win the next elections come 2011, we are going to usher in new democratic governance that will transform this nation for a positive change.”


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