Rivercess Supt/County Attorney in death threat claim

Written by Matthias Daffah

Source: Star Radio Liberia

Rivercess County Attorney Onesimus Banwon has accused Superintendent Wellington Geevon-Smith of trying to kill him.

Attorney Banwon alleged Superintendent Geevon-Smith hired a popular Rivercess juju man known as Wet Leopard to perform the devilish act.

He alleged the juju man was hired under the pretext of performing African science for the Rivercess football team to win the 2010 National County Meet.

Mr. Banwon said while in Cesstos, the juju man confessed that he was brought in to do something about the detention of the County Development Superintendent.

The Rivercess County Attorney told Star Radio, as a result of the alleged threat he was now living in fear but vowed to remain in Rivercess and do his job.

Responding, Rivercess Superintendent Wellinton Geevon-Smith described the allegation as unfortunate because he and Attorney Banwon are second cousins.

Superintendent Geevon-Smith said intelligence gathered suggests that the juju man in question was programmed by Attorney Barwon to harm him or fake a story.

The Rivercess Superintendent has meanwhile threatened to file a one million dollar lawsuit against Mr. Banwon for character assassination.


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