Prince Johnson Intervenes in Arrested Son’s Robbery Case

By J. V. Boimah

Police Supt. Dave Jallah, commander of the Zone 8 Police depot at ELWA, Monday confirmed the arrest of Senator and presidential aspirant Prince Y. Johnson’son, Prince Johnson Jr., along with and other gang members who alledgedly armed robbed several residents last Saturday night in communities of the ELWA perimeter.

Several individuals, including one Bucker Garlo, sustained injuries and lost thousands of dollars in cash and properties after a gang led by Prince Y. Johnson Jr. allegedly invaded a Nigerian shop in the ELWA community and ordered the “merciless flogging” of their victims.

Prince Johnson Jr., who was arrested Sunday thanks to a watertight dragnet by the police, admitted to the crime, police said, but claimed he suffered assaults by his alleged victims following police investigation, according to Police sources and some victims.

Meanwhile, reports say Senator Johnson is pushing for a compromise into the armed robbery case involving his son.

All efforts to reach Sen. Johnson for comments on the matter proved futile because his phone was switched off till press time.

But William Taryley Jr., member of the Concerned Intellectual Forum in the ELWA area supporting Sen. Johnson’s 2011 presidential bid, confirmed that the senator contacted the Forum to intervene for a “settlement” of the matter.”

“I went to my Forum office this morning and I was told that Sen. Johnson made a call on how best we can move to see this case resolved. My chairman told me that Sen. Johnson is concerned about the whole incident. There is nothing beyond compromise, so we will do our best towards that,” Tarley told the New Democrat Monday.

But one of the victims, Isaac Nyenabo Jr. said their only compromise is the law, adding that they should go to court and allow the rule of law to take its course.

Nyenabo Jr.: “Yes his father (Sen. Johnson) is calling, calling people for them to get to us for us to compromise the case, but we want to go to court and demonstrate the law”.


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