Cellcom to pay nearly US 300-thousand for tax violation

Written by Bruce Boweh
Source: Star Radio Liberia

Government has won a tax violation case worth nearly three-hundred thousand US Dollars against Cellcom.

Cellcom Communications Corporation is one of Liberia’s leading GSM companies.

Government sued Cellcom in December 2009 for failure to withhold and remit gambling tax to it in the tone of over 299-thousand USD.

The gambling activities, according to government, took place between 2007and 2009.

Cellcom’s lawyers described the claims as unjust, adding the raffle draws were purely promotional.

In an earlier ruling, assigned Tax court Judge James Jones said Cellcom’s raffle draws which saw many Liberians winning ten thousand USD weekly constitute gambling.

A chambers justice denied a petition the defense filed to over turn Judge Jones’ decision.

Judge Eva Mappy-Morgan in the October 22nd ruling said arguments by the defendant against the multiple penalties are groundless.

Judge Mappy-Morgan said the penalties are supported by the Revenue Code of Liberia and ordered Cellcom to immediately pay the amount to government.

The defendant is also expected to pay the cost of court.


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