CDC Grass-Rooters Reject Merger

Grassroots partisans of the opposition Congress for Democratic Change (CDC) have rejected a merger deal signed recently between the party and Liberty Party (LP) of Charles Brumskine, accusing the CDC standard-bearer emeritus George M. Weah of betrayal.

According to our correspondent who covered the arrival of Mr. Weah on Friday, October 22, 2010, scores of distraught partisans were pacing the reception area shouting invectives on the CDC executive committee members who took part in the merger negotiations in the US and subsequently in Accra, Ghana.

“We will not accept that nonsense. If anyone wants to join a merger with the CDC, it means that that person must come to us and we are not prepared to be second to anybody,” seemed the general refrain amongst the discontented partisans.

It can be recalled that the CDC’s first partisan repeatedly told local and international media that he was not prepared to be second to anybody in his quest for the nation’s highest seat, emphasizing that politics around the world was about number.

But over the weekend, the two parties reportedly signed a joint communiqué agreeing in principle to put forward a formidable and united opposition that would ensure victory in 2011, contrary to what Ambassador Weah said in his initial response to the news of the merger.

The communiqué, among other things, called on supporters of the two parties to see such move as an answer to the desire of the Liberian people, a move observer say will prove tough for the Ruling Unity Party and president Ellen Johnson Sirleaf.

The communiqué however felt short of disclosing the name of the leader of the planned merger, but an insider has hinted The Analyst that the standard-bearer of the Brumskine-Weah’s merger may likely be Cllr. Charles Walker Brumskine.

Making remarks at last Friday’s welcome program, Mr. George Weah failed to disclose the actual deal struck with LP, but repeatedly called on his partisans to register and vote during the ensuring voter registration process that would enable them to be a part in the elections.

CDC supporters who grouped themselves in separate locations to listen to their standard bearer speak on the deal, indicated that the deal was not proper, vowing to resist any action on the part of Mr. Weah to come second to anyone.

The aggrieved CDC partisans told this paper that they believed in Amb. Weah and not anybody and warned the executive committee of the party that they would resist Cllr. Brumskine representing them in the merger as standard-bearer.

Some of the partisans who spoke to this paper disclosed that for the past five years they have received insults from some Liberians for their decision to support the CDC and Weah.

They therefore vowed to withdraw their support from the party were the party’s executives to allow Cllr. Brumskine to represent them as standard-bearer, describing the planned opposition merger as totally unacceptable and out of order.


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