Weah Changes Gear

Source: allAfrica.com


Immediately after telling cheering partisans that negotiations with other political parties were ongoing, and that there was nothing yet definite, football star George Weah and former Senate President during the Charles Taylor years, Charles Brumskine, Friday announced a single ticket for 2011, but without indicating who will be the candidate.

In their joint statement, both men agreed “to running on the same ticket in the ensuing Presidential elections.”

Although the statement is ambivalent on the key issue of the standard bearer and under which party banner they will contest, Mr. Weah, in earlier statements, has however denied as “lies”, said he has made no pledge of becoming a vice presidential candidate to anyone as reported. Upon his return, he told partisans:

“We (CDC) are talking. I met with Cllr. Brumskine last night (Thursday). I drove from Miami. We met in Ghana last night. We spoke about how you people would be liberated, how power will come to you people.

“It was a fruitful discussion for the parties to come together and be one. But again, the political arrangement is left with you and the executive committee. How we (are) going to do this and I think it is important that we engage all political parties…”

“We are in the process of discussing. Anything that you see in the papers or hear, it did not come from us. It is not true.

“I am here today, not only to tell you that what was in the papers was lies but again I came to let you know that no matter what happens you have to be prepared.

“So distinguished partisans again, CDC is our party and we will do everything to protect this noble party.

Where politicians get on the table and test your strengths or put your determinants, your attributes together. To tell your political opponents, this (is) what I get and this what belongs to me…”

Other reports say also in the meeting was the proposed Democratic Alliance’s Dew Mayson, also a presidential aspirant. Mr. Mayson had also reported that Mr. Weah was out of the race and he congratulated him.


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