UNMIL Ghanaian soldiers in brutality allegation

Written by Sayounue Bilah

Source: Star Radio Liberia
A twenty-two year old man has reportedly been flogged by UNMIL Ghanaian soldiers in Greenville, Sinoe County.

Prince Teah alleged he and his fiancée were beaten by the soldiers around 8PM while returning from visiting family members on October 15.

Prince told Star Radio the soldiers accused him of breaking into the UNMIL compound through the fence and taking away a tarpaulin.

He told our correspondent, Rufus Saydee, a motorcyclist passing by was also flogged for inquiring about the situation.

Responding to the allegation, the commander of the Ghanaian Contingent Captain Ibrihim acknowledged arresting Prince and two others but denied beating them.

Captain Ibrihim said the three were suspects of a burglary at UNMIL’s compound and turned over to the Liberia National Police for investigation.

When contacted, police CID Inspector General Mcnally Wleh said the police found no magnitude in the case and released Prince, Patience and Rufus.


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