Brumskine-Weah Alliance: Americo-Liberians Take Over Liberia (Guest Commentary)

 By: Thomas T. Weah Source: The Liberian Journal

Pres. Sirleaf, Amb. Weah, Cllr. Brumskine

 Pres. Sirleaf, Amb. Weah, Cllr. Brumskine

The recent plan to forge a political merger between Charles Brumskine’s Liberty Party and George Weah’s CDC has breathed new life into a well-calculated strategy by the Americo-Liberians to dominate power in Liberia.

It is clear that the Americo-Liberian patriarchs have decided that it was critical to control all the roads to political power in Liberia, to guarantee their influence, and ensure that no one emerges with a pro-indigenous agenda at the expense of their interest.

The approach is two-fold. First, they made sure President Ellen Johnson-Sirleaf sought re-election, even after she decided that one-term would have served her well. They are right. They can no longer leave anything to chance, because “the indigenous boys can get pretty unpredictable”.

“Ellen, you need to run again. We can’t trust any of these country boys [indigenous boys]. These people are unpredictable. Without you, we cannot guarantee that our interest would be protected,” they are reported to have told President Sirleaf.

Second, they designed a plan to stop a George Weah presidency by infiltrating CDC, and ensuring that George Weah and his incompetent handlers and party bosses work with Liberty Party of Charles Brumskine, an Americo-Liberian, to build a mirage, a joke, called a political merger.

The real purpose of the merger is to have Charles Brumskine, an Americo-Liberian, to head the opposition ticket as the main presidential candidate.

When the stage is set, where an Americo-Liberian, President Sirleaf, goes against another Americo-Liberian, Charles Brumskine, the election becomes a charade, an empty show.

In short, Americo-Liberians win, no matter the outcome of the elections.

When will the indigenous people wake up and fight for their own interest, as the Americo-Liberians often do? Who control economic power in Liberia? Americo-Liberians. Who control political power in Liberia? Americo-Liberians.

CDC is already penetrated and bought by influential hands. The rest of the CDC leadership, including their so-called CDC-USA people, are bunch of clowns and helpless pitiful observers. They barely understand what is really going on in the “real meetings”, except to be fed with half-truths trickled down through third and fourth parties.

These Americo-Liberians are only five percent of our population, yet they control 90% of economic activities and political power. Where in the world does this happen? Only in Liberia.

Oh, yes, they have been planning the consolidation of their power since President Ellen Johnson-Sirleaf got elected in 2005. But now, they think it is time to add meat to the bone of a strategy whose time has come.

With the inauguration of Ellen Johnson-Sirleaf in 2006, a lady who still owes her rise to fame to the Americo-Liberian elite, the Americo-Liberians began plotting their return to and consolidation of political power with skillful vengeance.

They are back, and back with all their tools: manipulation, domination, stealing, etc.

Author’s Note: Please note that the reference to “Americo-Liberians” in this piece is aimed at those Americo-Liberians who still believe they are entitled to political domination in Liberia, and would go at any length to pursue power for its own sake.

Editor’s Note: Thomas T. Weah can be reached at The views expressed in the article are those of the author’s alone.


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