MRU countries hold strategic talks in Monrovia

Source: Star Radio Liberia
Written by Matthias Daffah

The validation of a ten-year strategic action plan for the Mano River Union has opened in Monrovia with a call for the harmonization of a sub-regional policy.

At the start of the workshop, Planning Minister Amara Konneh reaffirmed the Inter-ministerial Council’s commitment to democracy in the Mano River Union.

Minister Konneh also called on the delegates to put together economic strategy relative to what he called the growth triangle for the sub-region.

The Liberian Planning Minister encouraged the gathering to focus on the common challenges in the MRU including issues of institution and governance.

According to Minister Konneh, the issues of institution and governance are the binding constraints for moving the sub-region forward.

He challenged the delegates to ensure that the negative impact of economic divergence in the Basin is addressed during the three-day meeting.

Minister Konneh believes poor infrastructure, poor human capacity, low income and unemployment continue to negatively impact the sub-regional basin.

Also, MRU Secretary General Ambassador Thierno Habib-Diallo stressed the need to develop a common policy to combat diseases.

Ambassador Habib-Diallo however maintained the issues of peace and security in the sub-region must remain paramount on the agenda.

The Mano River Union comprises Liberia, Sierra Leone, Guinea and Cote d’Ivoire.

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