Brewerville City Mayor linked to land dispute

Written by Matthias Daffah

Residents of Kpallah in Brewerville, Montserrado County have reported a potential land conflict that could turn bloody.

The Kpallah residents are claiming more than three hundred acres of land they say was inherited from their great grand father Chief Jallah Barcon.

The Administrator of the contested land Ansumana Garsuah accused Brewerville City Mayor Lucinda Eastman-Herbert of preventing a re-demarcation of their land.

Mr. Garsuah warned the move was dangerous because aggrieved youth of the area have threatened to attack the police should they interfere with the survey.

Mr. Garsuah called on the Brewerville City Mayor to stay clear of the property to avoid unnecessary confrontation.

Responding, Brewerville City Mayor Lucind Eastman-Herbert admitted stopping the Kpallah residents from carry out the survey.

She said a huge portion of the contested land belongs to Governmen.

According to Mayor Eastman-Herbert, the Kpallah residents are claiming several parcels of land on one deed.

Source: Star Radio Liberia


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