Acting Cabinet Convenes First Meeting in Monrovia


Monrovia — The newly named Acting Ministers, replacing Cabinet Ministers who have been sent on administrative leave by President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf, attended their first Cabinet meeting Friday afternoon.

During the special Cabinet meeting chaired by Vice President Joseph N. Boakai in coordination with the Acting Chair of the Cabinet, Presidential Affairs Minister Edward B. McClain, Jr., the Acting Ministers were told that President Sirleaf expected them to continue the business of government as usual in their respective ministries.

The Cabinet was informed that while the administrative leave for the Ministers is temporary, letters of appointment as Acting Ministers have been sent to deputies selected by the President, asking them to ensure that government remains focused on delivering its priorities during this short period of transition.
Minister McClain also informed the Acting Ministers that the President wants all vehicles assigned to Ministers on leave to be parked until the new Cabinet is named.

The Acting Ministers discussed a number of issues that require the immediate attention of the government, including payment of teachers’ salaries and the timely use of the new buses from India in order to ease the acute transportation problem in Monrovia.

The Acting Ministers were informed that the new buses will start running shortly, after drivers have been trained, route schedules developed, and special arrangements arrived at for transporting students. It was also disclosed that two containers of spare parts for the buses will arrive in Liberia by December to ensure their maintenance and long-term use.


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