Marketers Stranded – Goods Rot as They Wait for Vehicles

By Roland Perry

Bong Mines — Several marketers are currently stranded in the former mining town of Bong Mines, Lower Bong County, due to the bad road condition.

According to the marketers, who spoke to this paper in Bong Mines, due to the very deplorable condition of the roads, vehicles have halted going there, and those that venture plying the road (mostly trucks and 4-wheeled pick ups) charge extremely high.

The marketers said since the government stopped the train, the only means of transportation, from plying the route via the railway that burst into Monrovia on the Bushrod Island, they are facing serious difficulties in transporting goods from Bong Mines to Monrovia.

The marketers lamented that their goods, such as oranges, cassava, plantain, yam and palm nuts amongst others usually get rotted while they await vehicles to transport them to Monrovia and other markets.

They furthered that the lack of transportation is causing serious hardship on them and their families. They added that the bad road condition has also discouraged farming activities in the area.

The marketers are however calling on the Government of Liberia and China Union to quickly rehabilitate the road from Kakata to Bong Mines.

Currently, the only means of commuting from Kakata to Bong Mines is by motorbikes. Due to the bad road condition, motorcyclists using the route are accused of over charging passengers.

As the government strived to reduce poverty among its people, serious attention needs to be given to farm to market roads as an expedient way of improving the livelihoods marketers and farmers in rural parts of the country.


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