Liberia: Unite for 2011 – Loj Woos Liberians as She Honors Jordanian Peacekeepers

The Informer (Monrovia)/

– Roland Perry

The Special Representative of the Secretary General and Coordinator of the United Nations operation in Liberia, Madam Ellen Margrethe Loj, has called on the people of Liberia to unite for free and fair elections in 2011.

She added that “I urge the Liberian people to emulate what the Jordanian people have been able to do for the future of their country.”

She said Liberia, too, can be that peaceful, prosperous and developed if it moves on the forward path towards consolidated peace, national reconciliation and development.

Madam Loj made the call Tuesday, when she decorated Jordanian peacekeepers serving in UNMIL with UN Peacekeeping Medals, at the Samuel Kayon Doe Sport Complex in Paynesville.

Madam Loj honored the Jordanian contingent for their dedication, sacrifice and contributions to the cause of Liberia’s peace and stability.

The UNMIL Boos added that Jordan was one of the first countries to contribute peacekeepers to UNMIL in 2003 and has been with the mission even since.

She said the Jordanian Police advisers are contributing their expertise as mentors to the LNP and in other civilian duties in addition to two formed Police Units and Military personnel.

According to Madam Loj, the Jordanian formed Police Unit support to the LNP in curbing criminals activity addressing violent public disorder is a vital step towards re-establishing the rule of law in Liberia.

She also praised the Jordanian Armed Forces for providing medical services with the utmost professionalism, taking good care of UN staff when ill and other medical services to the Liberian people.

Madam Loj paid special tribute to the peacekeepers for their commitment, hard work and sacrifice, and expressed special thanks to the commanding officers of the Jordanian contingent Col. Omar Al Mashaqbeh, Lt. Col. Rami AL Dabbas and LT Col. Hussein for the level of work they have done to transform Liberia.

Also speaking at the program, the Vice President of Liberia Joseph Nyumah Boakai thanked the peacekeepers for their role in the peace process of Liberia.

He added that Liberia will remain grateful to Jordan and will always remember them for the transformation they have brought to the people of Liberia.

His Royal Highness Prince Zeid of Jordan congratulated the peacekeepers for their role in keeping peace in Liberia.

He said the medal parade is a demonstration of the UN support to the mission in Liberia.

Prince Zeid added that Jordan will remain committed in contributing troop to the UN Mission in Liberia.


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