Ex-Investment Commission Boss sees trouble if…

-Written by Onesimus Leigh

Source: Star Radio Liberia

Dr. Richard Tolbert

The out-going Chairman of the National Investment Commission says unless Government creates jobs for the majority of its people Liberia is doomed.

Dr. Richard Tolbert believes in the absence of employment opportunity, the country will not have peace and stability.

Dr. Tolbert said the economic revitalization pillar under which he worked was critical to the future of Liberia.

He put the country’s current Gross Domestic Product at less than one billion United Dollars.

The departing NIC Boss said the overall direct foreign investment brought into the country under his administration amounts to sixteen billion U.S Dollars.

Dr. Tolbert spoke at the close of the week at his NIC office in Sinkor when he turned over his office to his principal deputy, Pete Norman.

For his part, the in-coming NIC chairman described Dr. Tolbert as a shining star in Liberia.

Mr. Pete Norman said the entity learned from Dr. Tolbert some of his negotiating skills which he believes will help enhance the performance of the Commission.


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