Cletus Wortorson speaks of martial plan for southeast

Written by Moses Wenyou
Source: Star Radio Liberia

Senate Pro Temp Cletus Wortorson says he has engaged the Executive on what he calls a martial plan to address the current situation in southeastern Liberia.

Senator Wortorson told Star Radio a martial plan means providing services for the people to ensure they are on par with other counties considered highly populated.

According to Senator Wortorson, most parts of the Southeast including his own Grand Kru County are nationally marginalized.

Senator Wortorson said it was regrettable the President could not visit political headquarters of counties in a particular region due to bad road condition.

The Senate Pro Temp said while it is true that a county like Grand Kru is under populated, it has what he calls political constituency that extends to Monrovia.

Senate Wortoson said citizens from southeastern counties residing in Monrovia will vote to ensure their places of origin enjoy what other counties are benefitting.

The Senate Pro Temp observed key sectors such as the education and heath sectors are seriously hampered by the deplorable condition of roads in the southeast.


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