Suspected ‘Child Killer’ confesses killing 34 children

Written by Matthias Daffah

Source: Star Radio Liberia

A man believed to be the controversial child killer David Quah has for the first time openly confessed to killing dozens of innocent children.

Mr. Quah told Star Radio via mobile phone, he has killed a total of thirty-four children.

According to him, he was twenty years old when he started his operation in southeastern Maryland County.

He named government officials and lawmakers as his main business partners, but vowed to expose them within twenty-four hours if they do not own up to the public

The true motives behind Mr. Quah’s actions are not clear, but identified poverty as a factor that has led him to the act.

The 48-forty year old who confessed to being the original David Quah said he wanted to be a changed man but pleaded for an audience with President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf.

Star Radio is still trying to verify the claim, because early this year following the murder of PPCC boss Keith Jubah, a similar caller claimed responsibility for the act.

One caller claimed he was a son to Mr. Jubah, another claimed his brother committed the act while a third caller admitted and begged for mercy.

Days later, it all turned out to be a 4-1-9 scam.


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