CDC Gets 72-Hr – Supreme Court Ultimatum


A dissenting group has given Congress for Democratic Change (CDC) 72 hours to withdraw from any political engagement with Liberty Party (LP) in spite of the warning to partisans contained in the November 21, 2010 merger/consolidation resolution of the party.

The group, which called itself “The Majority Bloc of CDC Grassroots Partisans, Stalwarts, and Sympathizers”, has called on the CDC National Executive Committee (NEC) to rescind the Sunday resolution and “return to status quo”.

“Supreme Court Writ of Prohibition inevitable after three days should you ignore this mass-signed partisans’ petition to reverse this disastrous course,” the group admonished the party’s leadership.

It is not clear whether the warning is a bluff or a serious opposition to what CDC’s top leadership called ‘a political breakthrough after a difficult periods of negotiations’, but observers say in political Liberia, nothing should be left to chance.

In a statement released yesterday under the signature of one Mulbah K. Morlu, Jr., as “Chairman, Policy Response Committee” the group said the CDC executive committee did and released the resolution under the “cover of darkness” thereby confirming its unpopular nature.

The group conceded that the executive committee has the right under the Constitution of CDC to make critical decisions in the interest of the party and partisans, but that yesterday’s decision violated several provisions of the constitution including Part III Bye Laws, Chapter I, Codes of Conduct, Rule 6, no. 5 7 8.

“We seek your kind forbearance to begin to see the unspecified consequential risk you subject ‘The Movement’ to by your ‘nightfall Resolution’ signatures and the selfish decisions you have rendered,” the group said.

The group equated CDC’s resolution to engage LP politically to a “disregard and callous contempt” for the majority of the partisans, further describing it as an “ultra-dictatorial” act performed in violation of Article 4, section 3 of the CDC Constitution.

“By your ‘Nightfall Resolution’ restricting merger conversations to two parties, you have jeopardized the once availing opportunity to coalesce the entire opposition bloc into a united force to defeat… the Unity Party leadership,” the group said.

He group’s statement did not seem to mind that the resolutions released yesterday by LP and CDC noted the need to bring other parties on board to produce a “union of opposition parties”.

It accused the party’s executives of taking a decision that did not only deteriorate and diminish the prospects of larger opposition but that has also “desecrated the wisdom of the Accra Communiqué CDC signed with Cllr. Winston Tubman of the opposition Liberian National Union (LINU) Party and with three other smaller parties at the Monrovia City Hall.

“Tragically, the ‘Nightfall Resolution’, if allowed to see daylight, is a cursed ink dried to paper that will alienate the CDC from the critical Islamic bloc and their affiliating sympathizers who are certain to vote-rebel against our candidate based on the heightened religious one-sidedness of Cllr. Charles Brumskine,” the group said, without saying which opposition party represented the so-called Islamic Bloc.

Article 79 (d) of the Constitution of Liberia forbid religious bloc political parties, but the group insisted that the CDC-LP engagement was circumventing “good for evil” by limiting CDC’s political engagement with LP, a Christian fanatical political party. It then accused the executive committee of working to woo support for what it called a Brumskine presidency in disguise in exchange for bribe being offered by a Brumskine agent.

“Evidence in avalanche proportionality continues to point to the widespread disbursement of bribe money and other forms of inducement traded by the Liberty Party to several senior party members in Monrovia to influence their support for the CDC/Liberty Party ticket,” the group alleged.

It did not say how much was involved in the bribe or which party member received it and for what purpose, but it maintained that LP “allegedly utilizes bribery, dishonesty and croaked dealings to drive through a difficult barrier presumably to capture power”.

“The fact that the National Executive Committee is at the epicenter of a bribery scandal that questions the moral integrity of the institution is one reason for the emergence of new critical voices (speaking out here) whose only interest is to dislocate the threats posed to our common patrimony by actors from both sides of the divide,” the group said.

The statement said the group was therefore petitioning the CDC’s NEC to halt any further actions and advances on the ‘merger talks’.

“We further request you to make a public statement of your intent to speedily launch an internal investigation into the Liberty party bribery efforts and to return the ‘The nightfall Resolution’ to status quo ante as though it never took place,” the group demanded.

It said failure to do so would prompt it to file two lawsuits simultaneously before the Supreme Court of Liberia and the criminal court “to dispense justice in the bribery scandal that has hit our noble institution”.

Meanwhile the group said it would remain peaceful, law-abiding, and constructive in what it called its current “redemptive pursuits in a fearless manner”.

Observers recalled that the group’s position was once held by the Deputy Secretary General of CDC Acarious Gray, but that given that Gray signed yesterday’s resolution, it was difficult to say who was behind the dissenting group.

The Analyst was unable to reach Gray yesterday for comment on the emergence of a new group that was articulating the position he reportedly held.


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