"Reconstitute Cabinet Now"

Source: The Analyst Liberia

Montserrado County Peace Committee (MPC), says the ‘administrative leave’ given all cabinet Ministers except the Minister of State by President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf has effectively paralyzed the work of the Liberian government and created an atmosphere of political and economic fragility in the country.

In a strong-worded press release issued in Monrovia over the weekend, MPC also observed that the action by President Sirleaf has undermined the implementation of donors- funded development projects and programs nationwide.

MPC asserted that since the presidential action was taken, most of the country’s development partners have introduced a wait-and- see approach as it relates to implementation of development projects and programs as some of those named by the executive Mansion as acting ministers and heads of autonomous agencies do not enjoy full operational and administrative power.

Such situation, MPC added, has the potential to retard the reconstruction efforts of the country which had just graduated from armed conflict that spanned over a decade.

MPC, in the release, called on President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf to immediately reconstitute the cabinet in the best interest of the country.

“We wonder why the president opted to send the entire cabinet on administrative leave, replaced them with acting Ministers and continues to use some of those on leave to represent the government abroad.”

MPC maintained that such approach by the presidency reflects inconsistency and runs contrary to justification provided for the imposed “administrative leave.

The creation of administrative vacuum especially at a time when the National Legislature is on agriculture leave, the MPC noted, would signal fragility of peace consolidation, development, and skepticism to attract investors, the MPC release signed by its National Chairman, Rev. Augustine S. Arkoi concluded.


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