I Killed Him in Self Defence

Peter N. Toby
Source: allafrica.com

A resident of Gbee Town near Brewerville, Momo Musa (40) has been charged with murder and detained at the Monrovia Central Prison pending court trial , police sources confirmed here.

The sources added that defendant Momo Musa admitted killing Aaron Kollie “to defend my life”.

According to a police charge sheet, Momo Musa said the victim and others were drinking alcoholic beverages and merry making on 14 November 2010 when an argument ensued between him (Momo Musa) and Aaron Kollie.

Police investigation revealed that Momo Musa said the argument between him and Aaron Kollie resulted into a fist fight and Aaron Kollie punched his mouth but they were separated.

Musa said he later saw Aaron Kollie “advancing toward me with a cutlass and I had no alternative…I took my cutlass to defend my life”.

During the battle with cutlasses, police investigation revealed that Musa Momo chopped Aaron Kollie under his right arm causing him to bleed to death.

Based on his statement about circumstances surrounding the death of Aaron Kollie, police charged Musa Momo with murder under chapter 14, Section 14.1 of the criminal code of Liberia.

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