Liberia: Bong, Nimba tops illicit drugs list

Source: Liberiawebs

The Deputy Director for Administration at the Drugs Enforcement Agency (DEA) has said that Bong and Nimba Counties are the highest and most productive counties of marijuana and other illicit drugs in the country.

Colonel J. Henry Shaw said that majority of the populations in those counties earned their living from marijuana farms.

“If we were awarding people for the production of marijuana then Bong and Nimba will win with no marine, even the old and young survive on the sale of marijuana and some of them take it in,” he said.

Speaking to New Dawn Tuesday at his Capitol Hill Office in Monrovia, Col. Shaw furthered indicated that authorities at the DEA have on several occasions engaged the owners of those farms to abolish creation of marijuana farms but to avail.

According to him, government is working closely with farm owners and the county officials to see how they can finally conclude or put an end to the production of marijuana in those counties.

He also named New Kru and Logan Towns; Bardnerville, Behind New Georgia Estate; Stephen Tolbert Estate and West Point as the most infested drugs communities in Monrovia.

He added that the crime rates in those communities are growing on a daily basis and that the government should now intervene to save the lives of the young people who are considered the future leaders.

He noted that these communities are greatly controlled by the usage of drugs especially amongst young people with males recording the highest percentage.

“Drugs taken by the young people include marijuana, opium, and Italian White and other deadly substances,” he said.

Col. Shaw maintained that the usages of drugs are gradually overcoming the youthful population of the country and it should draw people attention.

He also called on Pres. Johnson Sirleaf and the Justice Ministry to ensure that DEA officers be assigned to the various ports of entries to calm the menace.

He noted that up to the present, relevance government authorities responsible to allow DEA assigned have refused making it very difficult for the DEA to perform its statutory duty, something he said impedes the DEA function.


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