Liberia gets more budgetary support from EU

Written by Robert J. Clarke, Jr.
Source: Star Radio Liberia
Liberia and the European Union have signed an additional twelve point five million Euro grant as direct budgetary support to the country.

The twelve point five million Euros is the V-Flex funds to be added to the existing twenty million National Budget support from the EU.

Planning Minister Amarah Konneh said the additional support to the budget makes the EU the highest contributor of direct budget support to Liberia.

Minister Konneh who signed on behalf of government said the additional funds bring the total budget support of the EU to thirty-two point five million Euros.

European Union Representative to Liberia Attilio Pacifici signed for the EU.

Ambassador Pacifici said the amount was given to compensate the country in response to the global financial crisis.

Ambassador Pacifici praised the vigilance of the financial team in the country which he said was very instrumental in acquiring the fund.

Also speaking, Finance Minister Augustine said the money was projected in the current budget and would be used in what he called priority areas.


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