Boley’s Son Begs Obama to Open Probe into Dad’s ‘Illegal Immigration’ Arrest

– John Gboko Stewart, FPA STAFF WRITER

Source: FrontPage Africa

Monrovia –

 Dr. George S. Boley, Sr

 Dr. George S. Boley, Sr left

  George S. Boley, Jr (son of Dr. George S. Boley, Sr.) has purportedly written U.S. President Barack Obama a letter (which is in the possession of FPA) asking him (Obama) to launch an investigation and inquiry into his dad’s ‘illegal’ immigration arrest.

According to the TRC report, Dr. Boley headed a faction known as the Liberia Peace Council, or LPC, during the civil war, a struggle that stretched from 1989 to 2003 and claimed more than 200,000 lives. He has maintained that his sole intent was peace, and that he did not oversee or engage in violence against civilians.

Dr. Boley was arrested by US Immigration authorities for being responsible for atrocities in Liberia based on the TRC report, including the slaughter of civilian women and children, and that he led children into battle in the jungle. In a more bureaucratic-based and common immigration allegation, officials also charge that Boley has been returning to the U.S. on illegitimate documents and ‘can’t live here legally’.

The letter reads thus:

Mr. President:

I am the son of George S Boley Sr., A#019-XXX-XXX on January 15th, 2010 my father Dr. Boley was placed into administrative hearings at the Batavia Federal Detention Fac. in Batavia NY. He has strategically been placed under the “Arriving Alien” status by ICE/ CBP in Buffalo so he is not eligible for bond and can only be “Paroled” by ICE themselves, which they have refused for their reasons. After learning of the new charges by ICE/ CBP Jan 15th 2010, on behalf of my Father and family we formally requested a criminal investigation be conducted into the handling of my Father’s case and conducted by the ICE/ CBP offices in Buffalo NY.

Mr. President we have exhausted every avenue this government has to offer with NO concern or help! Please review the supporting documents, you said Sir, you believed America was a place that held up the values of Civil Rights, Civil Liberties and Human Dignity, please help me believe! Because in this case I have not seen that, DHS has lied, fabricated documents, paid witnesses and done everything in its power to rob my father and family of its pride, civility and basic human dignity. By the time you get this letter this family would have been suffering under these circumstances for more than four and a half years with my Father suffering in this detention center for more than 250 days, 61 of those days in 18 hour a day solitary confinement and NO body can tell us why as a immigration detainee he was placed in A Block!

My father needs to see a doctor and DHS has refused him this option then though they said they would provide it. Mr. President, GUITLY PEOPLE don’t ask for investigations and inquiries, please as Americans help me and this family believe again in this country and this government! Please launch the investigation and inquiry we’ve been asking for so long!

Yours respectfully,

George Saigbe Boley, Jr


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    Boley’s Son Begs Obama to Open Probe into Dad’s ‘Illegal Immigration’ Arrest | Focus on liberia

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