By Emmanuel Abalo and International Wire Reports from Nairobi, Kenya

Source:Running africa

Dr. Amos Claudius Sawyer

Former Chairman of the Liberian Interim Government of National Unity(IGNU) between 1990 – 1994) Dr. Amos Claudius Sawyer is among several eminent persons named to a team of experts charged with conducting a fact finding review mission to Kenya.

The former Liberian leader and political scientist will serve as the lead person of the team of experts which will be conducting the fact finding mission known as Africa Peer Review Mechanism (APRM).

This review will run from November 29th – December 1st in the Kenyan capital Nairobi.

According to the team quoted by reporters, the Africa Peer Review is the second of its kind since Kenya concluded a referendum which led to the adoption of a new Constitution for the east Africa country.

In 2003, Kenya agreed to participate in the APRM which is mechanism to which member states of the African Union(AU) voluntarily sign on to as a self-monitoring instrument which will look at Kenya’s political, economic and management, corporate governance and social economic development .

Kenya’s contentious elections in 2007 led to political and ethnic violence and the deaths of about 1,400. Following the violence and deaths a special mediator, former UN Secretary General and Nobel Laureate Kofi Annan was appointed to help resolve the contentious issues. As part of his work he recommended to the Kenyan Government of President Mwai Kibaki the prosecution of some principal actors who fueled and supported the violence. However, The Kibaki administration has been”dragging” its feet on the recommendation and this prompted mediator Mr. Annan to submit a sealed list of perpetrators to the International Criminal Court(ICC)for investigation. Judges of the ICC on March 23, 2010 approved a prosecutor’s request to open a formal investigation into Kenya’s 2007 post election violence. The Chief Prosecutor Luis Moreno Ocampo has already visited Kenya as part of his investigation. Some high profile Kenyans in the administration and private sector have been linked to the support of the Violence.

The US Government has also issued a visa bar to some un-named Kenyans alleged to have been “stonewalling” the investigation.

The Liberian scholar an astute political mind, to his credit, comes to the team of eminent persons on this panel with great credit especially in dealing with conflict negotiations and management. His experience of dealing of the decade plus Liberian civil war is expected to immensely assist the APRM in the successful completion of its work.

Dr. Sawyer is the current Chairman of Liberia’s Governance Reform Commission. The Governance Reform Commission was established by Executive Order in Liberia following the signing of the Comprehensive Peace Agreement of Liberia in Accra, Ghana in August , 2003.

Liberia’s Governance Reform Commission was established to promote good governance and initiate the process of initiating the necessary measures for the efficient governance of the country among other stipulations of its mandate.

There have been speculations that Dr. Sawyer who supported incumbent President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf in the 2005 elections is being courted to step into the position of Foreign Minister of Liberia in the newly reconstituted Cabinet. Former Minister Olubanke King Akerele has resigned following the issuance of an “administrative leave” to the entire Cabinet by President Johnson-Sirleaf nearly a month ago. That position still remains vacant.


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