Report: Ellen In Diplomatic Talks over Boley’s Detention

Source: Heritage Liberia 

Ellen Johnson Sirleaf

George Borley

Credible report gathered by the Independent Authoritative Heritage Newspaper says President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf has begun diplomatic inquiry into circumstances that resulted to the detention of former Liberia Peace Council (LPC) rebel leader Mr. George Borley in the United States.

Mr. Boley, a prominent son of Grand Gedeh County, is currently in detention in the US over reported immigration charges.

The diplomatic inquiry by President Sirleaf, the report further says, is intended to explore possibilities of securing the extradition of Mr. Boley to Liberia.

But Presidential Press Secretary Cyrus Wleh Badio when contacted regarding the report gathered by this paper declined to speak on the matter on grounds that he has not spoken to President Sirleaf regarding the issue.

The report follows recent comments by President Sirleaf that she would endeavor to secure the extradition of Mr. Borley to Liberia.

The Liberian leader’s commitment was triggered by a petition statement issued by citizens of Grand Gedeh County during a recent visit to the county.

Amongst other things, the citizens craved the indulgence of the president to intervene in the detention of Mr. Boley in the United States.

The report concerning President Sirleaf’s diplomatic inquiry into the Boley’s case came in the wake of renewed appeal by Grand Gedeh County lawmakers Zoe Emmanuel Pennue and Rufus Gbeor.

The renewed appeal by the two lawmakers came on the heels of two separate meetings between the Grand Gedeh County Legislative Caucus and the President Sirleaf.

In an interview with the Heritage Tuesday, Representative Pennue called on President Sirleaf to hasten her diplomatic intervention in an effort to secure the release of Mr. Burly.

Grand Gedeans, Representative Pennue said, will be relief and grateful should president Sirleaf secure the release of Mr. Borley.

‘We trust that the President will keep her promise to release Mr. Borley. We believe in her integrity and ability to lobby with the US Government,” Representative Pennue added.

For his part, Representative Gbeor called on President Sirleaf to use her diplomatic connections with the US Government to ensure that Mr. Borley can again enjoy freedom.

According to him, Grand Gedeans are eager to see the return of their son to Liberia.

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