Ellen’s Son Quietly Appointed to National Oil Company Board?

Heritage Liberia

Credible sources within officialdom hinted to the Heritage newspaper in Monrovia yesterday that President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf’s son, Mr. Robert Sirleaf, has been quietly appointed to the National Oil Company Board, removing one Oswald Tweh, whose appointment to the company is said to have been engineered by the now dismissed Morris Saytumah.

Our sources, speaking on condition of anonymity, divulged that Mr. Sirleaf is said to be greatly feared now at the Oil Company, as his decisions have a lot of weight on the Board and no one dares challenge him for fear of being dismissed, as may have happened to some persons already.

Recently, there were changes at the National Oil Company which saw two persons out of the company’s affairs, including the former managing director, Dr. Foday Kromah. Dr. Kromah, was replaced by Mr. Christopher Nyeon. Mr. Nyeon, our sources further divulged, is a close friend to Mr. Sirleaf.

Our sources averred that Mr. Sirleaf is officially listed as a ‘Senior Adviser’ to the President, but much more than that he is widely seen as closest confidante of his mother on many other issues outside of his terms of reference, including concessions and investments.

Popularly called ‘ROB’, our sources further averred, Mr. Sirleaf is often seen these days around town and at sports programs, including the fish market playground, with a convoy and escort of security personnel.

Reports say he has been seen lately helping communities with some social services, but that his appointment to the Board of the Oil Company and his overwhelming influence over his mother in matters belonging to other officials and areas of activities is not pleasing to many of his colleagues, who want to see him more as a family person than someone interfering with areas outside of his sphere of activity.

Meanwhile, the Executive Mansion and Mr. Robert Sirleaf could not be reached for comments up to press time regarding the information obtained by this paper. Investigation continues.


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