Liberia: World’s Most Corrupt


The global corruption watchdog, Transparency International (TI), has released its 2010 world corruption barometer, ranking Liberia as the world’s most corrupt country with a score of 89%, and listing its Judiciary, Legislature, Education, the Business Sector, public officials as the most corrupt institutions in the country.

TI says the score of 2% represents the severity of corruption in a country, and the media received 2.4%, meaning they are extremely corrupt.

But the giants for corruption in the country, as their percentages show, are: Police, 4.1%, followed by the Legislature, 3.9%, Education 3.8%, Judiciary, 3.7% and public officials, 3.6%.

Other luminaries are: political parties, 2.9%. NGOs, 2.5 and the Military, 2.3%. Religious bodies scored the least–1.9%.

To reach the most corrupt conclusion, TI said it interviewed almost 752, representing 856,516 in its methodology. The interviews were conducted between June 21 to June 26 2010, mainly in the urban areas, TI said.

TI said more men have faith in the government than women. TI says 30% of men interviewed believe that the government’s methods in fighting corruption is extremely effective, while 26% believe the same. It says 50% of women believe that the government’s fight against corruption is ineffective, while 49% of men believe the same. On the other hand, more women (49%) agreed that they would bribe to circumvent the law, as opposed to men (47%).

TI: “A 2% of any of the above denotes the severity of corruption and no change in attitude while beyond 2% underscores how extreme corruption has become.

“Norway and Great Britain are the world’s least corrupt countries with a 1% each followed by Switzerland and Portugal with 2% and 3% respectively.

“For Sub-Saharan Africa, Ghana is the least corrupt country with 37% followed by Zambia and Kenya with 42% and 45% corruption index respectively.”

Topping the world list, Liberia scored 89%.

TI says, 80% of Sub-Saharan Africa are willing to engage to fight corruption while 50% say government is corrupt but 45% trust the government to fight corruption.

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