Cllr Charles W. Brumskine: "I am not like President Sirleaf whose party brought war to Liberia after they lost the elections in 1985, and again in 1997 after President Sirleaf lost her presidential bid. She lost the election in 1997 and later went abroad and brought war to this country.

A US based support group of Liberian opposition Liberty Party of Cllr Charles W. Brumskine Citizens United for Brumskine(CUBE) has responded to a recent statement of the Philadelphia based Delaware Valley Chapter of the ruling Unity Party (UP).

The ruling party Delaware Valley branch recently issued a statement in response to a statement attributed to the LP leader and carried in the independent Daily Observer newspaper on December 2, 2010 that he, Brumskine “has threatened that he will take “all necessary action” come 2011 elections, if the Liberty Party (LP) and Congress for Democratic Change (CDC) are cheated.

The statement signed by the group’s Secretary General Deegar Buigbo and President Frederick Sam Gibson further noted that “while it is true that every Liberian is entitled to freedom of expression, the Chairman, with the advice and consent of the Executives of the Unity Party Delaware Valley Chapter in the U.S.A is not sure what Cllr. Brumskine is implying when he starts making early threat that will undermine the results of the general elections in 2011. In addition, the Chapter is of the strongest conviction that Cllr. Brumskine’s attempt to remind the citizenry of the politics of fear is unhealthy. We equally believe that every individual regardless of race, status, or gender in Liberia should be fostering a message of peace and tranquility geared towards promoting a peaceful election.”

But CUBE in a statement issued over the weekend under the signature of its National Chairman Mr. Tamba Aghailas said, “in response to that article, Citizens United for Brumskine Election, (CUBE-USA) would like to unweave this web of misinformation, state clear facts about Cllr. Brumskine’s statement, and in so doing highlight some stark differences between Charles W. Brumskine and Ellen Johnson-Sirleaf.”

The CUBE statement which was copied to RUNNINGAFRICA/AFRICA TV1 futher maintained that “…the statement which was deliberately taken out of context and misquoted in Unity Party’s diatribe was taken from remarks made by Cllr. Brumskine during the question and answer period following his speech at a Journalist Symposium held recently in Monrovia. Cllr. Brumskine, in response to a question concerning free and fair elections in 2011 said,

Cllr Charles W. Brumskine

“I am not like President Sirleaf whose party brought war to Liberia after they lost the elections in 1985, and again in 1997 after President Sirleaf lost her presidential bid. She lost the election in 1997 and later went abroad and brought war to this country. I am not a man of violence! I am not like that. I lost the 2005 elections and I accepted the results. I did not travel out of Liberia. I remained here after the elections. But for these coming elections, I can assure you that we will take the necessary action to ensure that the elections are free and fair—that we are not cheated.”

The Liberty Party’s auxillary group attacked and accused the incumbent President Madam Ellen Johnson Sirleaf, saying, “…The extent to which Ellen Johnson-Sirleaf (or in this case, her political machinery) has gone to downplay, twist, and in some cases even try to re-write the history of her direct involvement in the deaths of hundreds of thousands of Liberians is dangerous and insulting to the Liberian people. Any attempt to say that Cllr. Brumskine represents even a fraction of the threat to the Liberian people that Ellen Johnson Sirleaf does in the 2011 General and Presidential Elections is gross misinformation at best, and dangerous propaganda at worst. A brief summary of Liberia’s fate after elections that Ellen Johnson-Sirleaf lost.”

Although Liberia’s National Elections Commission has yet to announce the formal commencement of campaigning, political rivals have allowed their surrogates and supporters to lob attacks against their opponents. Presidential and General Elections are scheduled for 2011. Incumbent President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf is seeking a second 6 year term.

The Liberty Party (LP) placed third in the last Presidential election in Liberia and is planning to contest again.

By Emmanuel Abalo

Philadelphia, PASource: Running Africa


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