>Did Prince Johnson Receive Money from Ellen to back off from 2011 Elections?

>Source: Heritage

A pro- media organization, the Media United to Enhance Democracy (MUED), has called for an immediate investigation into claims made by the Political Leader of the National Union for Democratic Progress (NUDP) that he received one million as part of a five- million Liberia dollars deal from President Ellen Johnson-Sirleaf to back off from the 2011 elections. In a press release issued in Monrovia, the Media United to Enhance Democracy observed that the claims made by Senator Prince Johnson recently in Nimba County while addressing his supporters should not be taken for granted, and wants anti- graft institutions in the country to urgently look into the reported bribery scandal allegedly involving the Liberian Leader.
 The group observed that such an allegation by the NUDP Political Leader has the ability to undermine what it calls the competitive democratic space ahead of the elections in October.

According to the group, these alleged undemocratic tenets on the part of political leaders posed serious risk to thousands of Liberians who have fought over the years to ensure that multi-party democracy is enhanced and strengthen in the country.

The media group said it is important that the Liberian Anti Corruption Commission (LACC) and civil society organizations, including the media investigate the reported bribery scandal and release its findings as soon as possible to the People of Liberia.

Meanwhile, the media group has called on Liberians to turn out in mass to register during the voters’ registration exercise scheduled for January 10, to February 6, 2011.

The media group added that the participation of the people in the voters’ registration process will ensure the successful conduct of the elections.


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