>Ten Easy But Loaded Questions for President Ellen Johnson-Sirleaf to Ponder In 2011


Paul Jackson

By: Paul Jackson

Source The Liberian Journal

1. Madam President, do you realize some actions are only worth pre-contemplation and not implementation- actions like firing your entire cabinet without an effective plan of action? Did you even feel an ounce of remorse for embarrassing those you rehired?

2. Should you contest and win the pending elections, do you realize you are going to be eighty years old before the end of your next term? Did I also mention that your Vice President, if it’s his real age, will be just two to three years shy of his eightieth birthday?

3. Do you have any idea how the typical or average eighty-year old spends his or her day? Would you like it if a senile eighty-year old were running your country? Do you think a lot of us like the idea of you leading our nation at the feeble and fragile age of eighty years?

4. Do you know why there is an age requirement for anyone who wants to run for public office? Do you realize the constitution added a qualifying age to run for the presidency, with the veiled intention of telling us when not to run? (Like when you are in the deep evening of your life?)

5. Despite all the statistical lapses, contradictions, and hefty praises, do you know Liberia is still arguably at the same poverty baseline your buddy Taylor left us at? You know how many Iberians were “gapping” on the day you and your relatives were having a convivial Christmas?

6. Have you thought of streamlining the disparity in the way you pay public servants? Do you know teachers and doctors are as important as the corporate fat cats and bureaucratic n’er-do-wells you hire?

7. Did the Bropleh’s situation and your inability to provide suitable judicial accommodation teach you anything about not hiring your religious gurus, whom you have no courage to prosecute according to the rule of law? Do you see the ethical dilemma you created for yourself?

8. Do you know how much you have costs the Liberian government by traveling outside the country every other week? Have you asked your number crunchers, Madam? By the way, how does it feel being a part time citizen of a nation you preside over?

9. Do you know how many young Liberian girls are out of school and living in brothels and other places reserved for nuns who like to have fun? Do you know your much heralded rape law is as effective as the law forbidding selling alcohol to minors?

10. Do you really believe age is nothing but a Number? If yes, why do we have an age of retirement? Why did you layoff many of your peers when you took over the Liberian presidency? Why did your friend in Washington frown on the idea of a seventy-two year old John McCain vying for the American presidency

Please Madam President, reality is sitting right in your confines, please pay her some attention and do what is right for yourself and your country.

Email Paul Jackson at: elpaulay@yahoo.com.


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