>Liberia: Voters’ Registration on Sale

>Source: allAfrica.com

A women Advocacy group under the banner” Women Against Human Trafficking”(WAHT), has revealed that ongoing voters’ registration in the country has been marred with massive corruption, dishonesty and other negative vices WAHT claimed have the proclivity to negatively impact the conduct of the 2011 General Elections.

The Women Group Executive Director Cecelia George Washington told reporters in Monrovia on Wednesday that since the start of the voters’ registration process, which officially started on Monday, January 10, 2011, the WHAT Executive alleged that some politicians are transporting people from one county to another to vote for them during the elections.

Madam George-Washington however failed to disclose the name of those politicians involved in the alleged corrupt practice, but claimed further that people are being paid by politicians to register in the county and communities, something according to her, constitutes malpractices and dishonesty to the first degree, suggesting that the situation be stopped immediately to avoid problems during the general elections.

Speaking further, the WHAT Executive Director said her organization has field workers that are monitoring the conduct of the ongoing voters’ registration across the country, and from reports from the fields speak of the undemocratic nature been allegedly carried out part of those politicians, who she said is dashing huge cash benefits out to people to leave their counties and communities in order to register in their area.

“This fraudulent act is not good for the ongoing voters’ registration exercise, there is a need for the authority at the National Elections Commission and its partners to urgently stop to those corrupt practices taking place in every part of the country if the 2011 General Elections are to be credible and meet acceptable international standards” the WHAT boss noted.

Madam George-Washington further disclosed that her organization, in about a week’s time, she said, will communicate to the electoral body and its partners to and promised to reveal the names of Liberian politicians luring others for money to register in their constituencies simply to get their votes.

According to her, the fraudulent voters’ registration trade currently taking is worrisome, stressing that Liberian politicians wanting elected positions who are using unfair methods and formulas, she said, is a clear manifestation that they do not have the popularity to be voted into public offices, and used the medium to call on the voting public to stop the selling of their constitutional rights which according to her is the only weapons of electing people of integrity to represent them in the National Legislature or winning the country’s highest political seat, the presidency.


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