>Gabon opposition party disbanded after leader claims presidency


Gabon opposition leader
Andre Mba Obame
hailed by supporters
on arrival at Libreville’s
airport 30 December 2010

Reuters/Wils Yanick Maniengu

Source: rfi

Gabon abolished opposition parlimentarian Andre Mba Obame Wednesday following his declaration Tuesday that he was the country’s president.

A government order issued after his annoucement dissolved his National Union party “with immediate effect” and relinquished him of his public duties.

Interior Minister Jean-Francois Ndongou’s order accused Mba Obame of forming an “insurrectional government” in violation of the constitution.

Mba Obame took refugue in a UN office in the capital Libreville after his announcement and told the news agency APF that he would not leave until the United Nations responded to his demand for recognition.

Appearing to liken his situation to the political stand-off between Laurent Gbagbo and Alassane Outtarra in Côte d’Ivoire he said the international community must not have double standards.

“If the principle is to support heads of state who were actually elected, they can only support me”, he said.

The oppostion leader has always claimed he won Gabon’s disputed 2009 election which hailed President Ali Bongo Ondimba as victor.


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