18th Street, Sinkor
Monrovia Liberia
Tel: 231 88 072 4514 / 231 55 50718
Email: tqharrisforpresident@yahoo.com

February 23, 2011



In keeping with his message of CHANGE, TQ Harris, Jr. has decided to contest the 2011 Presidential Election as an Independent Candidate rather than contribute to the corrupt practice of paying party leaders in order to become standard bearer of a political party. And he has also refused to add yet another political party to the more than 20 currently in existence.

The large number of political parties in Liberia – considering the current circumstances – is an abuse of multiparty democracy. In this highly illiterate society, it creates confusion for the electorate and portrays Liberian politicians as self-centered, unpatriotic, power-hungry individuals. The perception may be incorrect; but arguably, this is the general attitude.

Therefore, as an Independent Candidate, TQ Harris in collaboration with the Liberian people will assemble a team of competent, patriotic men and women who will assume leadership of the government following the 2011 election and begin Liberia’s total transformation. This true “People’s Government” – the dream of many Liberians – is about to become a reality!

For the first time in this nation’s history Liberians will know before Election Day not only the incoming president and vice president, but also the heads of government ministries. There will be no backroom deals which often result in the appointment of incompetent and highly corrupt individuals. The opportunity to select in advance top level officials of government will not only invigorate the citizenry, but also instill confidence in the democratic process and ensure transparency. We call it “DEMOCRACY LIVE!”

Formation of the People’s Government shall proceed as follows: TQ Harris will introduce the “Democracy Live” concept on a local radio program; and in the same breath Liberians will be asked to choose the next vice president. They will do so by calling, texting or emailing names and contact information.

After the votes have been tallied, the person with the highest number of votes will receive an invitation to become TQ Harris’ vice presidential running mate. Should there be a tie TQ Harris himself will make the final decision.

The selection of top level officials by the PEOPLE will continue until all heads of ministries in the incoming government have been chosen. In the new dispensation officials of government shall be loyal to the president, but accountable to the Liberian people. CHANGE HAS COME!!

Please submit online your choice for the next vice president at: http://www.tqharrisforpresident.com/

Time is limited!

Thank you for being a good citizen.


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