Hon. Thomas Quilen Harris, Jr

18th Street, Sinkor
Monrovia, Liberia
Phone: 088 072-4514 / 076 54 0359
tqharrisforpresident@yahoo.com / http://www.tqharrisforpresident.com/

March 27, 2011


Source: HARRIS-PAASEWE 2011When independent presidential candidate Hon. Thomas Quilen Harris, Jr. announced to Liberia and the world few weeks ago that he was about to launch his “Democracy Live Project” wherein voters would have the unprecedented opportunity to choose for him a running mate, little did he know that destiny was about to play a center stage role in the selection process.

And so, on Saturday 26 March, when Hon. TQ Harris stood before a massive gathering of Friends of TQ and sympathizers at the organization’s 18th Street head office in Sinkor, and announced Hon. Molley Varney Paasewe as the people’s choice for the next Vice President of the Republic of Liberia, the congregation was not only elated at the revelation but awestruck as well because the selection ran counter to the normal Liberian political culture wherein Presidential aspirants are bound to their running mates solely for the purpose of soliciting votes based on geographic and ethnocentric hegemonies.

Hon. Molley Paasewe

 “Today I present to you the man whom the Liberian people selected for me as running mate. And although some may consider him a political unknown, yet he represents the aspirations of the future of this country,” Hon. Harris intoned, adding, “the voice of the people is the voice of God.”

“Just as the people of Liberia divinely selected for me a running mate, so it was with my decision to enter into politics. I was once a businessman who loathed politics even though my late father was a Senator. But my rude awakening came as a result of the Liberian civil war when I witnessed how this once beautiful nation became consumed by nepotism, greed, selfishness and self aggrandizement on the part of our national leaders, leading to 14 years carnage that saw massive destruction of lives and properties. And so, today, this is a golden opportunity to reclaim our lost heritage and correct the evils of the past,” Hon Harris averred.

Responding, Vice Presidential aspirant Hon. Molley Paasewe acknowledged the monumental task of running against an incumbent availed with state resources, but said he was confident that the ensuing election will provide surprising results.

“Make no mistake. This election is not about money, it is not about bags of rice; this election will not be decided by how many cups of rice politicians gave voters to win their votes. No! This election is about our future, our dream for a better Liberia…a Liberia where everyone is equal before the law; a Liberia where our sons and daughters upon graduation from University will be recruited by companies and concessions not because of their connections within the corridors of power but by virtue of merit; a Liberia where the citizenry will not be compelled to migrate to the nation’s Capital in quest of a better life, but will willingly remain in their communities because those communities will be able to provide all of the basic necessities befitting any metropolis in the world,” he said.

In furtherance, Vice Presidential candidate Paasewe described the Harris-Paasewe 2011 Ticket as a “dark horse” – a “wildcard” in the ensuing elections, which, like the Trojan horse of Greek mythology, will be deposited at the doorsteps of the incumbent – unassuming – to capture votes in the least expected places.

Commending the Friends of TQ in Liberia, the United States and the Diaspora as being trailblazers in the quest for a new Liberia through constitutional, democratic change, Hon. Paasewe called on friends, sympathizers and supporters of the Harris-Paasewe 2011 team to galvanize for a resounding victory.

Hon. Paasewe, a native of Grand Cape Mount County, is a former diplomat, with more than a decade experience serving Government. A trained journalist, he holds a Bachelors degree in Mass Communications from the University of Liberia, a diploma in International Peacekeeping Operations from the prestigious Kofi Annan International Peacekeeping Training Centre in Accra, Ghana, and is a post graduate degree candidate at the Ibrahim Badamasi Babangida School of International Relations at the University of Liberia. He is happily married with children and is a Christian.


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