>Liberia: Diamond Mining Investment Opportunity


Claim 19 D/Survey and Claim 20 D/Survey are two of the last true diamond deposits along the Lofa River, in Western Liberia. Interestingly, following prospecting and subsequent geological survey few years ago, it was discovered that the diamond deposits are heavily concentrated within the boundaries traversing the two mines. During the last manual work conducted along the boundaries of the two claims two years ago, 250 pieces of gem quality diamonds were recovered from a 20-foot pit. The work was however halted due to caving in of the top soil, even though the workers had not reached the middle of the diamondiferous gravel which is approximately 10 feet deep.

Mr. Jacob Harris, owner of Claim 20 D/Survey has agreed to partner with Mr. Molley Paasewe, owner of Claim 19 D/Survey, in seeking investment partner(s) to cover the cost of equipment rental & logistics to extract the diamonds from this deposit and share the profits per signed MOU/Working Agreement. This short-term Project is intended to expand the production capacity of the two mines and will last four months after which approximately 2,500 carats of gem quality diamonds will be recovered from pay gravel or alluvium. At the average market rate of US500 per carat for gem quality rough diamond, a total of $1,250,000.00 (One Million Two Hundred and Fifty Thousand United States Dollars) will be realized. Following the end of this short-term project the investor will be encouraged to purchase proper mining equipment to engage in long-term mining on the two claims. Because of the approaching monsoon season, it was advisable to undertake the Project within the next ten days.

In return for investing the necessary capital to run this project, the Investor(s) shall receive Seventy percent (70%) of shares/proceeds accrued from the sale of all diamonds recovered from this Project, while the Miners shall both receive Thirty percent (30%). To protect his/her investment, the Investor(s) has the right to visit and inspect the mines at all times. The Investor(s) has the right to have a representative permanently located at the Project site during the lifespan of this Project.


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